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Free Delightful Granny Square or Afghan Square Crochet Pattern

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Use this delightful granny square crochet pattern to make an afghan and add a pop of color to your decor. The pattern is designed using worsted weight yarn. Working over yarn tails will minimize weaving in and save you time and effort. Enjoy the free pattern!

1. Worsted weight (size 4) yarn in 4 colors. I used colors Aran and Arbor Rose from Loops & Threads Impeccable and colors Cool Blue and Soft Grey from Bernat Super Value

2. Hook I (5.5mm)

3. Yarn needle to weave in the ends

Finished Size
Each side of the square is 4 1/2 inches long

Stitch Abbreviations
The pattern is in standard American terms.

sc- single crochet

hdc- half double crochet

dc-double crochet

tr- triple crochet

sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain
st- stitch
YO- Yarn over

Stitch Explanation

Puff Stitch: [YO, insert hook into the st or space indicated and pull up a tall loop about the height of a dc st] repeat a total of 3 times, YO and pull through all 7 loops on hook, ch 1 to close the puff st.



1. Work over yarn tails to minimize weaving in later.

2. This is a picture tutorial as I thought it is best suited for a Granny square.

                                                                          Round 1

Ch 4 and sl st to the first ch to form a ch ring.

Ch 3 ( counts as first dc and ch 1), [dc, ch 1]11 times into the ch ring, sl st to the top of beginning ch 2 while picking up the next color. ———12 dc in the round

Round 2

Sl st to the next ch-1 space and pull up the loop on the hook to the height of a dc.

[YO, insert hook into the same ch-1 space and pull up a loop]twice, YO and pull through all the loops on hook, ch 2.

Puff st in next ch-1 space, ch 1, 1 tr in next dc, ch 1.

[*(1 Puff st in next ch-1 space, ch 1), repeat from * two more times, 1 tr in next dc, ch 1].

Repeat the steps within [  ], 2 more times. 1 puff st in last ch-1 space between the last dc and beginning ch-2, sl st to the top of the first puff st, picking up the gray color yarn.

Round 3

Ch 1 with gray yarn, 1 hdc in same st as ch 1, 1 hdc in next ch-1 space. Work 2 hdc in each ch-space and 3 hdc on top of each tr, do not sl st at end of the round.

Cut the yarn and pull the yarn tail out, thread a yarn needle with the tail and insert it under the first sc and then into the first st to form a fake st ( shown in blue below). Weave in the rest of the tail.

Round 3 completed.

Round 4

Sl st blue yarn into the third loop of a hdc st. You will find this loop behind your work as shown. Work 1 hdc in third loop of each st across,  but in the third loop of the corner sts, work 3 hdc. Do not sl st at the end of the round. Finish your round using a yarn needle just like you did for your 3rd round.

Round 4 completed.

Round 5

Repeat the exact same steps to make a round with cream color yarn but this time instead of hdc sts work sc sts into the third loop.

You can join the afghan squares using any method you choose. I prefer whip stitching them through the third loop of the last round of sc.

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Saturday 16th of September 2017

This is my favourite square ever!! But I don't understand how to make that fake stitch (shown in blue). Is there somewhere it is explained more or a vdeo of it? Thanks so much.


Sunday 17th of September 2017

I am sorry,I do not have a video. Basically, you use the yarn tail to go under the very first st and then into the last st of the round. It follows the way regular stitches are stacked. Take a careful look at the previous few stitches and how it looks, that should give you a better idea.

The Crocheted Butterfly Nova55

Thursday 7th of September 2017

Your square is charming - thank you so much for sharing!


Saturday 9th of September 2017

Thank you, I am glad you like it.