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Chunky Bangles (Free Pattern)

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This is an extension of my recycled bag handle idea. This time I used a smaller plastic lid like that from Pringles to make this trendy bangle. Make them in any color combo to jazz up your summer outfits. I used a size H crochet hook (5mm) and worsted weight yarn. For one bangle I used colors grass and grape, both from Loops and Threads Impeccable and color Aran from Red Heart. For the other, I used Magenta from Vanna’s choice and Terracotta from Loops and Threads again.
Here is how to make it :
1. keep your size bangle on the plastic lid and using a marker draw along the inner circle of the bangle and cut it out. This will ensure that your bangle is a correct fit.
2. Slip stitch around the plastic circle you cut out and do 7 sc around it with grass colored yarn. ( Refer back to my Recycled bag handle to see how to do this.). Do not fasten off.

3. Now with one grass color loop on the hook insert the hook into the circle and yarn over the grape color yarn and complete one single crochet all the while taking care to carry the grass color yarn on top along the rim of the circle as shown. This will automatically weave it in. Do 6 more sc with this color.


4. Now drop the grape color and yarn over the grass and do total 7 sc. Repeat these steps alternating colors till you cover the entire bangle. In the end, you will have only 1 tail to weave in. Using a yarn needle, weave it in along the same colored sc stitches on the bangle and cut off the excess.


5. Now cut out some Aran colored yarn, around 150 inches of it from the skein and roll it up in a small ball so that you can easily pass it in through the bangle. Sl st it onto any sc and chain 8, insert the hook into the circle backward.



6. Bring the working yarn under the circle and sl st again into the 5th stitch from the previous sl st made.

(You might have to bring the wound yarn in through the circle to untangle it.) This will make a slanted winding around the bangle. Ch 8 again and repeat as before till you cover the entire bangle. Sl St to the 1st sl st made and fasten off. Weave in the tail along the chain itself.
For the other bangle I embellished using some sequins I had. You can sew them on or use glue. You can try using jewels available in any craft stores too. Use your imagination and make it your own. If you make it please do post a pic on my facebook page here. Again, what do you think of this idea? What other color combinations can you come up with? What color dress can you carry these off with? Let me know.

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Saturday 27th of August 2011

@confused, Aran is a cream color yarn from Red Heart.


Saturday 27th of August 2011

Im having problem with the aran yarn..can you please elaborate..


Thursday 23rd of December 2010

I just took away the copyright alert that had accidentally creeped in to my free patterns. I have also added a link to the pdf pattern now. Thanks for your patience.


Wednesday 22nd of December 2010

How can I get the pattern, the Copyright Alert stops me? Thanks, Ellice


Monday 25th of October 2010

I recently tweeted and stumbled upon your post. Really your post is very informative and I enjoyed your opinions. Do you use twitter or stumbleupon? So I can follow you there. I am hoping you post again soon.