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Adeline Fingerless Mitts or Arm Warmers, Easy Crochet Pattern with Faux Cables ( Free Pattern)

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This is a must-have fingerless gloves crochet pattern that works up lightning fast. The design features a faux cable made with chain stitches that makes it perfect for beginners.

Finished fingerless gloves crochet pattern with faux cable in gray color

Finished fingerless gloves crochet pattern with faux cable in cream color
Finished fingerless gloves crochet pattern with faux cable in purple color

Finished fingerless gloves crochet pattern in cream color with a red mug


Fingerless Mitts, a Slouchy Beanie, and a Cowl, make fashion statements like none other. They are the perfect combination of style and comfort. Now make your own pair of fashionable mitts with this fun to work crochet pattern embellished with faux cables.

I wanted to design a fingerless mitts crochet pattern with cables that are suitable for beginners as well. So I came up with this faux cable idea that anyone with basic crochet skills can easily work.

Unlike the regular cables that use front post stitches, the cables on these mittens use the basic chain stitch to evoke the same effect. A pair of these can be worked in about two hours.

Work from the free pattern below or purchase an ad-free PDF for $2.99 here. You will receive a download link once you make payment and click “Return to Merchant”.


Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern



1. Worsted weight size 4 medium yarn.
2. Hook H (5 mm).
3. Sewing needle to weave in the tails.


14 dc st = 3 ½ inches
4 dc rows alternating with 3 sl st rows = 3 ½ inches
Switch to a bigger or smaller hook to attain gauge.


Fits an average woman’s hand. A finished glove is 8 ½ inches long and 3.5 inches wide.



140 yards for a pair

Stitch Abbreviations

The pattern is in standard American terms.
dc- double crochet
sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
tr- triple crochet
sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain
sk- skip

Stitch Explanation 

Work in Back Loops only: When you are asked to work in back loops only, you work inserting your hook though only one of the loops of the stitch leaving one loop free as shown below.

Shows working under just one or both the loops of a stitch                                                                                  Pic 1



Chain 32 + 3 for turning chain.

Row 1: 1 dc in to 4th chain from hook ( counts as 1st dc), 1 dc in each chain across———-33 dc

Row 2: Ch 1 (counts as 1st sl st), 1 sl st in back loop of next st, 1 sl st in back loop of each st till end of the row———————–33 sl st

Row 3: Ch 3( counts as 1st dc), 1 dc in the back loop of the next st, 1 dc in the back loop of each st across till the end of the row.—————33 dc

Repeat Rows 2 & 3 till you have a total of 16 rows and you end in a sl st Row ( Row 2). Now your gloves should measure 7 inches in width. Do not fasten off.

Slip stitch two long sides together

Pic 2


Insert your hook only through the back loop of the sl st on the other side

Pic 3


Fold it with the right side inside (the striped) and start to slip stitch the long sides together to make a tube as shown in pic 2 above. While making the joining sl stitches you will insert your hook through the free loop left on the foundation chain side and the back loop of the sl st on the other side as shown in pic 3 above.

A hole left for thumb on the sidePic 4


Sl st till 2 ½ inches is left open. Now stop joining the sides together and work sl stitches up along the foundation chain side only for 1 ½ inches, this will form the hole for your thumb as shown in pic 4 above. Now sl st the rest of the 1 inch together till you reach the end. Do not fasten off.

Continue to work a round of sc around the opening of the gloves to even out the irregular edges. Work the sc stitches along the inside of the tube as that would be the right side of the glove. Try to distribute the sc as evenly as possible.

Make one more glove following the exact same pattern. The right side of your glove will look like the pic below.

You will find ribbed lines on the gloves
Pic 5
Faux Cables

Place markers to show 2 tracks running through the middle of your hand                                                                          Pic 6

Try the glove on the left hand inserting your thumb through the hole and place markers to show 2 tracks running through the middle of your hand as shown in pic 6 above. Repeat with your right glove. Now you know where to work your faux cables for each side.

Start from the left bottom of the 3rd ribbing on the right and work your way up                                                                                       Pic 7

Overview: You start from the point shown by the red dot and work upwards along the red arrow to complete one side of the cable. Once you reach the top you work down the brown arrow to complete the mirror image of the first half you made.
The three orange vertical lines indicate the left, middle and right sl st ridges.


Pattern for Faux Cables

Keep the gloves down with the markers showing on top. Sl st to the base of the ridge on the right as shown by the red dot and follow the blue line as shown in pic 7 above.

Ch 3, sl st to the 5th st on the middle ridge to the left, *(ch 4, sl st to the 9th st ( counted from the previous sl st made on the same ridge) on the right ridge, Ch 4, sl sl to the 9th st on the middle ridge) Repeat from * 2 more times. Now you will have reached the top of your glove.


Work your way down and make the mirror image of the cable you already made
Pic 8


Now, you will work your way down and make the mirror image of the cable you already made following the green line in pic 7 above.

*(Ch 4, sl st to the point opposite to the one made on the right ridge, ch 4, sl st to the middle ridge at the same point as the first cable you made). Repeat from * 2 more times, ch 3 and sl st to the end of the ridge. Do not fasten off. Work a round of sc around the glove opening to even out the edges. Weave in the remaining tails.

Follow the same steps to work cables between the markers for the right glove too. Your lovely fingerless mitts with faux cables is now ready to wear!


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Tina comeaux

Monday 14th of December 2020

I admired these from a distance, they were too beautiful to be simple I reasoned! I finally followed your directions and I did it! Great directions! I should have made my Christmas presents earlier! Thank you so very much! You have taught an old dog a new trick!


Sunday 13th of December 2020

Great pattern! Do you have a matching pattern for a hat or cowl? I'd love to make a matching set.


Tuesday 29th of December 2020

I have to design one :).


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

Hi, and thanks. Could you tell me the dimensions of this pattern? Is it 7" x 9" ? Thanks in advance, Nanna


Wednesday 8th of January 2020

8 ½ inches long and 3.5 inches wide.


Sunday 24th of November 2019

I love the concept of this pattern and am very eager to make these wrist warmers/fingerless mitts. I'm have trouble achieving the correct gauge. When I use 5.0mm hook I get 12 dc sts per 3.5 inches. I went down to a 4.0mm hook and was able to achieve the correct stitch gauge of 14 dc sts per 3.5 inches. However, my row gauge is way off - too far off. My row count of 4 dc rows alternating with 3 sl st rows measures only 2.5 inches. If I was to go to the larger hook, my dc stitch gauge would be far to large i.e. only 12 stitches per 3.5 inches.

As I write this, I'm thinking that probably the row count gauge is more important to get correct than the stitch count gauge, as the row count determines how the mitt will fit around the wrist and hand. The stitch count gauge is probably more forgiving because it determines the length of the mitt from wrist to fingertip. Would you agree?

I'm really curious though, as to how you managed to achieve the gauge numbers for this pattern. I'm finding it impossible!



Wednesday 27th of November 2019

You can add a couple more rows to make it fit your hand. Just make sure your cable pattern is centered.


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Hi! For row 3, when you chain 3 (first dc) then dc in each of the 33 sl st, you end up with 34. What am I doing wrong? :)


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Hi Desra, I think you must be working a dc into the same st as ch 3. The beginning ch-3 already counts as a dc, so you won't work a dc into the very first stitch. I hope that helps.