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Mobile Device Cozy or Case Crochet Pattern, Customize for any Device, Free Crochet Pattern

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Now that the gifting season is soon approaching, I wanted to design something that appeals to the younger crowd. I designed these cases to suit my android devices but they can easily be customized for an iPhone or iPad. I chose Lily Sugar n Cream as it is 100% cotton and gives great stitch definition.
The stitch used in this crochet pattern is a simple variation of the single crochet which surprisingly looks like a simple star stitch. You can use the free pattern to make matching cases for your phones and tablets. I hope you will enjoy working on this pattern.
1. Yarn: Worsted, size 4 yarn in 2 colors. I used Lily Sugar n Cream
2. Hook: Hook  H (5mm)
3. One 3/4 inch metal button
Can adjust to suit any mobile device
Gauge is not important and you measure as you go making the pattern adjustable for any phone.
A Samsung mini tablet took 1 ball of Lily sugar n cream, around 110 yards.
Stitch Abbreviations
The pattern is in standard American terms.
hdc- half double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
ch- chain
sk- skip


Leaving a long tail for sewing, make a long chain with the main color, wrap it around the width of your phone and see how well it fits. It should have a little extra, up to 3 or 4 chains for the device to easily slip in and out and the final chain count should be an even number.
Without twisting the chain, sl st to the first ch to form a chain ring. You will work the rest of the rounds in a spiral without turning or slip stitching at the end of the rounds.
Round 1: ch 1 ( not counted as a st), 1 sc in next chain and each chain across, your last sc will be in the same chain as the beginning chain 1. Do not turn and do not work a sl st.
Note: Place a marker in the first sc of the next round and keep moving it up every round. This will help you to keep track of the beginning of your rounds.
Round 2: *(2sc in next sc, skip next st), repeat from * till the end.
Keep repeating round 2 till your work measures 1/2 the height of the device if you are making it for a tablet and a little more than 1/2 the height if you are making it for a phone. This is because I prefer to add one extra contrasting stripe to the tablet case. 
Skip the next st, sl st to next and fasten off the main color.  Before you proceed any further, turn the case inside out and whip stitch the bottom of the case shut using the yarn tail
Adding the Contrasting Stripes
Every time you change colors, follow the steps below:
1. Never work over yarn tail of the previous color. It has to be weaved in later or color changes look bulky and uneven.
2. Always join the new color a couple of sc pairs before or after the fasten off point. This will help make your color changes seamless.
3. What is a Sc Join: To join with a sc put a slip knot on the hook just like you do when you start a chain, then insert the hook in to the st/space, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loop on the hook.
4. Join the new color in the gap between 2 sc pairs using a sc join.
5. 1 sc in the same gap, sk the next st, *(2sc in next, sk the next), repeat from * till end, skip the last st and sl st to 1st sc. Fasten off.
Repeat the above steps with your main color and your contrasting color once or twice depending on how many stripes you are adding. Weave in all the tails now.
Once you are done with the contrasting stripes, work one round of the main color exactly like you added the stripes but at the end of the round do not sl st to 1st sc, work 2 sc directly in to the first sc of the round, sk next st, place a marker on the first sc of the round, *(2sc in next, sk next), keep repeating from * moving the marker up every round.
Once your work measures 1/2 inch less than your device, skip next st, 1 sc in each st around. Repeat for 1 more round, sl st to first sc and fasten off.
Button Tabs
For phones: Ch 16, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch till 1 ch is left, (1sc, ch 3, 1sc) in last ch, pivot your work to work into the free loops of the foundation chain, 1 sc in each free loop across. Fasten off with a long tail for sewing. Sew the button tab to the inner back of your case.
For Tablets: Ch 18, 1 hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch till 1 ch is left, (1hdc, ch 3, 1hdc) in last ch, pivot your work to work into the free loops of the foundation chain, 1 hdc in each free loop across. Fasten off with a long tail for sewing. Sew the button tab to the inner back of your case.
1. Weave in any tails left.
2. Insert your device, find the position, and sew on the button corresponding to the buttonhole.
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I like. Very sharp looking. Thank you!