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How to Make a Fur Pom Pom for Less than a Dollar

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How to Make a Fur Pom Pom for your Crochet Hat

Fur Pom Pom Tutorial

1. 1/4 yard Fur Fabric. The longer the fibers, the better.  A 55-inch wide fabric will make up to 8 pom poms of 3 1/2 inch width from just a 1/4 yard.

2. Some polyfill or yarn scraps for stuffing.

3. Round elastic (optional). You can sew the pompom directly onto your hat even without a loop.

4. A pair of scissors.

5. Sewing needle and thread in the matching color.

6. A 6-inch circle cut out from a cereal box.

 Trace a 6-inch circle onto your fur fabric.
Cut the circle out using a pair of scissors. If you use a blade on the back side, less of the fur will be cut.
 Start making a running stitch along the edge of the circle.
 Gently pull the thread to gather your pom pom as you go.
 Once your running stitch makes a full circle, pull the thread further to get a bowl shape.
 Stuff it with polyfill or some yarn scraps.
Sew your pompom shut but do not cut off the thread yet if you plan to add a loop. An elastic loop is not necessary and is used to make your pompom removable. Store bought ones come with a loop and a safety pin. You can avoid adding a loop and sew the pompom directly onto the hat. In case you are not adding the loop, sew the pompom shut and cut the thread off.

I do not recommend using the leftover thread to sew the pom pom. If you feel like you didn’t position it right and want to cut the pompom off, the entire pompom will fall apart. I used a sharp yarn needle and yarn that matched the hat to sew the pompom onto the hat. If you don’t have a sharp yarn needle, using a sewing thread will work too.

To make a loop, tie a piece of round elastic around a pencil. Ensure that you make a double knot.
Sew the loop onto the pom pom. Your pom pom is ready for use!
You can also use a needle to pull the round elastic through the base of your pom pom and then knot the ends inside the hat without making a loop. 
Love the hat pictured above? You can purchase the crochet pattern here: Pearl Puff Stitch Beanie.

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Friday 29th of October 2021

Simply genius! Thank you!


Thursday 14th of November 2019

Love the golden rod coloured scarf is there a matching hat pattern? The Pom is great too.


Thursday 14th of November 2019

I just got another request for the same. I will see if I can design one.

Anna R

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Hi, I love the pattern, thank you for very much for sharing. I have a question about the pom pom. How did you sew the loop on to the pom pom? Thank you Anna


Wednesday 13th of November 2019

Hi Anna, I used a regular needle and thread.