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How to Crochet a Quick Twist Headband or Earwarmer, A Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Ear Warmers Pattern With a Twist
Free crochet headband pattern on a mannequin



You can work from the free pattern below or purchase an ad-free PDF for $2.99 here. You will receive a download link once you make payment and click “Return to Merchant”.


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This Twist ear warmer crochet pattern uses the same extended single crochet stitch used for my Brooklyn mittens and boot cuffs. I eliminated the chains in between to make a denser fabric for more warmth.

This works up in less than one hour and would make a great item for last minute gifts or craft fairs. I used my favorite yarn, Lion brand Wool-Ease for the samples. Any light worsted weight yarn should work. I hope you like the pattern.


Crochet Pattern



1. Light worsted weight (size 4) yarn. I used Lionbrand Wool Ease.

2. Hook I(5.5mm)

3. Tapestry needle to weave in the ends.



Preteen to Adult Small- 20 inches around and 4 inches wide
Adult Medium/Large- 21 inches around and 4 inches wide

Stitch Abbreviations

ch: chain
sk: skip
st: stitch
sc: single crochet
sl st: slip stitch
esc: extended single crochet

Stitch Explanations

Extended Single crochet (esc): Insert your hook into the next st and pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through one loop, yarn over and pull through the remaining 2 loops on hook.—–1 esc completed
Reverse Single Crochet: This is single crochet stitch worked in the opposite direction to create a bumpy edge. Insert your hook into the st on the right, pull up a loop, YO and pull through 2 loops on hook.


12 esc sts=3 3/4 inches
Row gauge doesn’t matter.


Ch 14

Row 1: 1 esc in 3rd ch from hook, 1 esc in each ch across, turn.———-12 esc

Row 2: Ch 1 ( not counted as a st here and throughout), 1 esc in same st as ch 1, 1 esc in next 11 sts, turn.——-12 esc

Repeat Row 2 until your work measures 8 1/2 inches for Size Preteen to Adult Small and  9 inches for size Adult Medium/Large.


First Strip for Twist


Row 1: Ch 1, 1 esc in same st as ch 1, 1 esc in next 5 sts, turn.—–6 esc


Repeat the above row until the strip measures 3 inches, fasten off. 


Second Strip For TwistJoin yarn with a sl st in the first unworked st near the base of your first strip

Row 1: Join yarn with a sl st in the first unworked st near the base of your first strip. Ch 1, 1 esc in same st as ch 1, 1 esc in next 5 sts, turn.—–6 esc


Repeat the above row until the strip measures 3 inches.
Cross the two strips and work a row of esc to join them  

Now cross the strip on top over the one at the bottom to form an ‘X’. I tried crossing the bottom strip over the top one too but found that the first option looks far better for some weird reason.


Now, if your working yarn is in the middle after crossing, you will have to fasten off and join new yarn at the outer edge of your strip. If it is already at the edge like in the picture above, continue working with it.


Row 1: Ch 1, 1 esc in same st as ch 1, 1 esc in next 5 sts, 1 esc in first st of next strip, 1 esc in remaining 5 sts to end, turn. Now both your strips are joined.———-12 sc


Row 2: Ch 1, Ch 1, 1 esc in same st as ch 1, 1 esc in next 11 sts, turn.———12 esc.


Repeat Row 2 until the total length of the headband is 20 inches for the smaller size and 21 inches for the bigger.

Slip stitch both sides together
Do not fasten off. Bring the foundation row edge near the last row and sl st both these sides together. Fasten off and weave in all the tails.

Adding the Reverse Single Crochet Border""Lift your twist and sl st to the base of the strip, work a round of reverse sc along the edge until you hit the top end of the strip, fasten off. The picture above was taken after the reverse sc border was finished.


Flip your headband, lift your twist again and start reverse sc at the base of the second strip and continue all along the edge until you hit the top end of the strip, fasten off.

Enjoy wearing your new Ear Warmer!

You can find more patterns for Ear Warmers here on


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Jessica F Lawrence

Saturday 12th of December 2020

Thanks for this pattern! It’s so simple! I did make a couple adjustments for my personal preference: I chain 16 to begin because I wanted it a little wider for good ear coverage, so the half-twist parts are actually 6 stitches across. And I absolutely cannot stand doing the crab takes FOREVER because I can’t get my hands to cooperate lol so I just did single crochet. It turned out great! I used Red Heart planned pooling yarn to match a scarf and it worked up beautifully. I’m making another with Red Heart Self Striping now and it is also looking great! I wish there was a way to post pics!


Friday 29th of May 2020

heya! thank you for this great pattern. i believe the reverse single crochet is actually called the crab stitch c:


Saturday 30th of May 2020

Yep, same stitch, different names.

Elizabeth Lawton

Sunday 5th of January 2020

Hi! I just finished making one of these adorable ear warmers. They are really cute and easy to make. But I was just wondering if I could sell the finished product on my Etsy shop. Thank you for sharing this pattern!


Friday 10th of January 2020

Hi Elizabeth, absolutely!


Tuesday 10th of December 2019

What does esc mean? I’m new at this so I could use some help. Thank you


Tuesday 10th of December 2019

Hi Arlene, look under Stitch Explanations at the beginning of the pattern to learn how to work an esc(extended single crochet).


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

OOH, I am going to make one for myself in the small size. Have girls that would like these who do not have mom put hair up around my apartment complex who would wear these ear warmers. Shehnaaz, how long would be fitting for a child say 5 -10 year old. Maybe try 7"-7 1/2" as the band has a little stretch to it.

I will be like Debbie very soon :)


Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

I would go with hatband sizes for this age. For a child 5-10, I am thinking 19 inches should fit as a hat for that size is 19 1/2 inches in circumference.