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How to Finish Your Work in the Round With an Invisible Join

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As we crochet more, we all learn new techniques to add finishing touches to our work. Use this quick tip to finish your work in the round and you won’t be able to tell where your round ended. A video is also provided at the end of the blog post. Do you have any crochet tips or tricks up your sleeve? Please share them in the comments below.
Cut the yarn and pull the yarn tail out, thread a yarn needle with the tail and insert it under the first sc.
Then insert it into the first st, pull the yarn tail until you have a fake stitch which is the same size as the rest of your stitches.
Your fake stitch will look just like any other stitch of the round ( shown in blue). You can now go ahead and weave in that tail.

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Kim Ezman

Wednesday 18th of October 2017

Great idea! Thanks