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Crochet Crunch Stitch, An Easier Version

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Many of you would have come across the crochet crunch stitch. Simple stitch repeats and gorgeous texture can easily make it your favorite stitch.


Finished modified crunch stitch


You can use it to edge your work, as part of your stitch sampler afghans or even make dishcloths. You will find many uses for this beautiful stitch.


There is one problem with this stitch though. It grows very slowly and you have to work into slip stitches. Now, if you have ever worked into slip stitches, you know how hard it is to stick your hook into one. So the impatient me came up with an easier version.


I modified the crochet stitch pattern so that you have to work only into the beginning and ending slip stitches. The rest of them are skipped :). I also replaced the half double crochet stitches in a regular crunch stitch with double crochet stitches.


Read on to learn how to work the easier version of the crunch stitch and don’t forget to bookmark this page. You will also find a video at the end of the blog post.


You can pin it for later here. 


Crochet Crunch Stitch Pattern

Stitch Abbreviations

The pattern is in US terms.

ch- chain

sc-single crochet

dc-double crochet

sl st- slip stitch

sk- skip



Chain an even number.

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across.


Note: Take care to work the first and the last sl sts loose. To work a sl st loose, make the loop on your hook bigger before inserting your hook into the st. You can see a video here.


Row 2: Ch 1 (not counted as a st here and throughout), 1 sl st in the same st as ch 1, *(1 dc in next, 1 sl st in next), repeat from * to end, turn.


1. Row 2 completed


Note: Before you start working Round 3, observe the stitches of Round 2. The big stitches will be dc sts and the tiny ones will be the sl sts.



2. Work Round 3 into the sts that will be behind the bumps formed by Row 2



Row 3: Ch 1, 1 sc in same st as ch 1, 2 sc in next dc, *(sk next sl st, 2 sc in next dc), repeat from * to last 3 sts, sk the next sl st, 1 sc in the next dc, 1 sc in the last sl st, turn.



Row 4: Repeat Row 2



3. Round 5 completed



Row 5: Ch 1, 1 sc in the same st as ch 1, 1 sc in next dc, *(sk next sl st, 2 sc in next dc), repeat from * to last st, 1 sc in last sl st, turn.


Repeat rows 2-5 for the pattern.



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Friday 1st of March 2019

There is an even easier way to get the same look without all of the hard lumps you normally have with bobbles. Crochet a row of single crochet. Crochet a row of alternating single and triple crochet, starting and ending with a single. Crochet a row of single crochet. Can't get any easier than that! Soft and lovely.