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Top 5 Crochet Patterns of Winter 2017

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Collage showing top 5 patterns of winter 2017 that includes 3 hats, boots and cardigan


This pattern never seems to go out of trend. Due to popular demand, my blog offers this design in all ranges, baby to adult.


Finished Crochet woman's boots pattern


The response to this hat pattern was overwhelming. Reader loved the two different options and the button detailing.


Finished Mallory messy bun or slouchy beanie pattern


This hat design with its puff stitch texture and knit look band is another one of the reader favorites.
Finished Pearl beanie pattern with puff stitches


People love how quick and fast this cardigan is, the button closure and the stitch pattern.


Finished 7 Hour Cardigan pattern in off white and rust color


This unique stitch that imitates the Jasmine stitch but is far easier to work is much loved by my readers.


Winter Blossom slouch pattern with floral puff stitches


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Joan stroschein

Friday 27th of July 2018

I was quite impressed with the patterns you offered. I am always looking for new and clever styles because I sell at a Christmas festival. I intend using a few. The display of pieces was great, and i don't know if i would change much. You are a blog not a sales catelog, so keep it interesting for us. Thanks for all your work.


Sunday 29th of July 2018

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.