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Free and Easy Crochet Hat Pattern, Harper Beanie

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I have always designed crochet hats that involve shaping at the crown. So I decided to make a hat pattern that is a simple tube and gathered at the top.


2 Finished hats in navy blue and brown color with pom poms


I was really skeptical of how it would look but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the shape looked. Not bad for minimal shaping at all.


This will be a beginner level pattern that would be perfect for last minute gifts. A very simple stitch pattern is used with a beautiful single ply yarn to create this hat.


 Finished brown hat on a mannequin head looking slouchy


Brown beanie with folded brim on a mannequin

You can wear it as a slouchy or as a folded brim beanie for extra warmth. I prefer to wear it as a slouch, but the choice is yours.


This will be my last free pattern for 2018 and I hope you like it. I will be taking a break for 2 weeks after publishing one more baby sweater design.


Back view of the brown hat


Closeup of back view with pom pom and showing the stitch pattern


Hopefully, 2019 will be a year of many new and beautiful patterns. I have so many ideas running in my head, I just need to find the time to design them.


So let’s get back to business and make this hat.


Side view of slouchy brown hat on a mannequin head


The Choice of Yarn

I used Lion Brand Landscapes for this hat. The single ply nature of this yarn gives the stitches a beautiful effect.


I love the hat made in the variegated yarn more than the plain one. The color changing sideways gives it a nice touch.


You can work from the free pattern below or purchase an ad-free PDF for $2.99 here. You will receive a download link once you make payment and click “Return to Merchant”.



Crochet Pattern



  1. Worsted weight (size 4) yarn. I used Lion Brand Landscapes in colors Steel Blue and Sand Dune for the hats.
  2.  J(6mm) crochet hook.
  3. Tapestry needle to weave in the ends.
  4.  3 3/8 inch  Pom pom maker.



Finished Size

The hat will stretch to fit.

Toddler: 9 1/2 inches tall and 7 3/4 inches wide

Child: 10 inches tall and 8 1/2 inches wide

Adult: 10.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide




It took me around 2 skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes to make this adult size hat. So it would take around 290 yards in total.



Stitch Abbreviations

The pattern is written in standard US terms.


dc- double crochet

sl st- slip stitch




13  dc sts= 4 inches


Crochet Pattern

Note: The hat is made as a big flat rectangle, the sides joined to form a tube and then gathered at the top.


Ch 34 (36, 38) for Toddler(Child, Adult)

Row 1: 1 dc in the 4th ch from hook and each ch across to end, turn.———-35 dc



Row 2: Ch 1 ( counts as a sl st), 1 sl st in the back loop of next 34 dc, turn.———35 sl st



Notes: Make sure to keep counting your stitches every row as it can be hard to see the last sts. To work into the back loop of the sl sts and the loops under it, the easiest way is to insert your hook vertically down behind your work.



Insert your hook into the back loop of the slip stitch and the loop right under it



Row 3: Ch 3( does not count as a dc), 1 dc in the same st as ch 3, work 1 dc inserting your hook into the back loop of the sl st and the loop right under it, continue working dc in to these two loops of every st across to end, turn. The last sl st won’t be clearly visible, so just stick your hook in the corner and work your last dc.—–35 dc



Finished rectangle for the hat



Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your hat measures 15.5( 17, 18) inches and you end in a dc row. Do not fasten off.



Seaming the Sides of the Hat


You will have free loops on the foundation chain side



Take out your hook from the loop left on your hook, insert your hook under the first free loop of the foundation ch on the other side of the rectangle and pull this last loop through. Now start slip stitching both the sides together inserting your hook under the free loops of the foundation chain and the back loop only of the dc sts on the other side.



Gathering the top of the Hat


Using a yarn needle and yarn, go in and out through the top edge of the hat



Pick the more uniform edge for your hat brim and gather the hat on the other side. Using a yarn needle and yarn, go in and out through the top edge of the hat, pull to gather, knot to secure, and weave in the ends.



Pom Pom

These hats would look best with pom poms attached to the top.


Make a pom pom with clover pom pom maker and attach it to the top of the hat. I used the 3 3/8-inch Clover pom pom maker.


You can also use fur pom poms. I think they will look great with these hats. You can see a tutorial on making your own fur pom poms for less than a dollar here. 


Also, check out my 30 Minute Crochet Baby Hat. 


You might also like my puff stitch hat patterns found here: 1. Pearl Puff Stitch Beanie and the 2. Winter Blossom Hat. 



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