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Free Crochet Afghan Pattern, Fireplace Afghan

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This crochet afghan designed with the gorgeous Caron Cakes yarn will take a permanent place near my fireplace. I love the colors on this blanket.


A Free Crochet Afghan Pattern made with the gorgeous Caron Cakes yarn.









This is my fourth crochet afghan pattern and I am super excited at how fast the collection is growing, yay! Here is a little secret, I want to publish a book of 100 crochet afghans. A girl can dream, right?


I initially thought of designing a textured crochet blanket but then thought of keeping it minimal and letting the beauty of the yarn shine through. I hope you like the pattern.


Most of the pictures of this afghan were taken on a cloudy day, so I am a little worried about the outcome. Ever since we moved into the new home, I have been chasing the light.


I haven’t been able to zero in on the correct spot for taking pictures. Add to that, the cloudy weather and I feel like I will end up with crappy pictures not fit for my blog every time.


The Yarn 

I used 2 skeins of Caron Big Cakes in color Honey Glazed for this crochet throw. I am sure this easy crochet afghan will look gorgeous in other colors too.


The warm colors on this colorway flow seamlessly making it look all the more toasty and comfortable. The perfect blend of colors that would make you want to curl up and read a book.


I was never big on variegated yarn until the Caron Cakes came along. They completely bowled me over with their beautiful blend of colors. If you ever want to come up with new color combinations, you can draw inspiration from the colors of this yarn.


That said, I think this design will look great in a single color as well. So make it in a color that matches your decor.


Crochet Afghan

You can work from the free pattern below or purchase an ad-free PDF for $3.99 here. You will receive a download link once you make payment and click “Return to Merchant”.


You can pin it for later here.



  1. 2 skeins of Caron Big Cakes in color Honey Glazed
  2. Hook J(6mm)
  3. A small piece of cardboard for making the tassels
  4. Tapestry needle to weave in the ends


Finished Size

36 inches wide and 45 inches long not including the tassels. Patten gives you tips on how to make it wider but remember that it will take you more yarn if you make your afghan bigger.



It took me 2 full Caron Big Cakes to make the Afghan and the tassels attached to it. Very few yards were left when I finished. If you are substituting with any other yarn, you will need around 1200 yards.


Stitch Abbreviations

ch- chain

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

sk- skip

st- stitch

RS- right side

WS- wrong side


Stitch Explanation

Shell: (3dc, ch 2, 3 dc) worked into the same chain or stitch.



3 Pattern Repeats= 11 inches

1 pattern repeat includes a shell and 5 dc sts


Crochet Pattern


Ch 128. If you want your Afghan to be wider, add chains in multiples of 12+ 8. Every 12 chains will add about 3 3/4 inches to the width of the Afghan.

 1. Work into back bumps of the foundation ch

2. Row 1

Row 1(RS): Work this row into the back bumps of the foundation chain. 1 dc in 5th ch from hook ( beginning ch 4 counts as a dc), 1 dc in next 4 chs, *(sk 3 chs, shell in next ch, sk 3 chs, 1 dc in next 5 chs), repeat from * to end, turn.——–10 shells and 55 dc

3. Row 2


Row 2(WS): Ch 3 tightly to avoid leaving gaps in your work (counts as a dc here and throughout), 1 dc in next 4 sts, *[ch 3, (sc, ch 3, sc) in ch-2 space of next shell, ch 3, sk the remaining 3 dc of the shell, 1 dc in next 5 dc], repeat from * to end, turn.——–55 dc and 10 ch-3 loops on top of shells


Row 3: Ch 3 tightly,  1dc in next 4 dc, *(shell in ch-3 loop on top of next shell, 1 dc in next 5 dc), repeat from * to end, turn.———-10 shells and 55 dc


Note: I found that my two cakes of yarn did not start with the same color. So to avoid getting a big patch of gray, I cut that off and started with the next color to maintain the sequence. I am just letting you know in case you feel stumped when you start your second skein.


Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your Afghan is 45 inches long and you end in a repeat of the shell row. Fasten off.


Adding Shells to the Foundation Chain Side

4. Adding shells to the foundation chain side


Using the same color as the very first row, sl st to the corner of the afghan on the foundation chain side, ch 3, 1 dc in next 4 dc, 1 shell in the same ch as the next shell as shown, 1 dc in next 5 dc), repeat from * to end. Fasten off. 


Making the Tassels( Optional)- Make 24

I made the tassels in all the colors of the cake and mixed them up.


5. Take a  piece of cardboard that is 3 inches wide and wrap the yarn around it about 10 times. Pull an 8-inch strand of yarn under the winding and make a couple of tight knots at the top.


6. Cut the yarn along the other end of the cardboard using a sharp pair of scissors.


7. Using an 8-inch strand of yarn make a knot about 1/2 inch below the top knot.


Leave the 2 strands from the top knot for attaching to the Afghan, then trim and level the rest of the strands.



  1. Weave in any tails left.
  2. Tie the tassels to each corner of the Afghan and the ch-2 spaces of each shell. Pull the remaining strands through the tassel and trim to level.


If you love Caron Cakes projects, check out my Ocean Waves Scarf here and my Kaleidoscope Infinity Scarf here.

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Suzie J Streano

Monday 10th of May 2021

Do you offer a video tutorial for this Afghan pattern?


Saturday 26th of December 2020

Thanks so much for the pattern. I wanted to point out an error in Row 1. After working the 1st dc in the 5th chain from the hook, you'll dc in the next 3, not 4 chs. Otherwise you'll have 6 sts instead of 5 at the beginning. Once again, beautiful throw.

Kathy Milanesio

Sunday 1st of March 2020

My apologies, I lost the answer from the first time, ugh. I want to make my afghan wider, how do I figure that ?


Sunday 1st of March 2020

Every 12 chains you add to the initial chain of 128 will add about 3-3/4 inches to the width of the afghan. I hope that helps.

Elle O

Monday 4th of November 2019

Hi! This is an amazing pattern, thank you so much for sharing. I started one that will be a Christmas gift in Nightberry and loved it so much that I went and got another color to start one for myself! Just a comment/question: on both of the blankets I ended up with 10 shells and 55 dc, not sure if that is intact right of it I’m missing something since the pattern says 50 dc! Just thought I’d mention it. Thank you so much for the pattern. I hope to check out more of yours!


Thursday 14th of November 2019

Hi Elle, thank you for your kind words and yes, it should be 55 dc. I just fixed that. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this to my attention.


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

just looking at crochett, i;m 75 yers old and was trying to find a pattern that was a granny square where you had half granny and they were gray pink blue and gray


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

Is this the pattern you are looking for: