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How to Crochet a Beanie with Video, 1.5 Hour Beanie

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Learn how to crochet a beanie in just one and a half hours. Chunky and stylish, this crochet hat will keep you warm this winter.


Crochet Beanie in Mustard and Cream color


Chunky crochet beanie closeup view


The crochet hat pattern is designed using a stitch that resembles the star stitch but is very easy to work and perfect for beginners.


Crochet Beanie in Cream Color


Crochet beanie in mustard color


You can make this crochet beanie pattern to build your craft fair inventory as the hats work up very fast. You can even make them as a gift for the upcoming holidays.


Finished chunky crochet hats in mustard and cream colors


I plan to design a chunky scarf to match once I get some more bulky yarn in different colors. I think a matching hat and scarf set would look lovely. Won’t they?



Crochet Beanie Pattern

You can work from the free pattern below or purchase an ad-free PDF for $3.99 here. You will receive a download link once you make payment and click “Return to Merchant”.


You can pin it for later here. 

You can find a video at the end of this post.



  1. Super Bulky size 6 yarn. I used the yarn Loops and Threads Cozy Wool in color Golden Rod and Bernat Softee Chunky in color Natural
  2. An 8 mm and a K (6.5mm) crochet hook
  3. Yarn needle with a big eye
  4. 2 Fur pom poms. You can make your own for under a dollar using my free tutorial here.
  5. Sewing needle and matching thread to attach your pom poms
  6. A stitch marker



Finished Size

Toddler– Fits 19-inch head and is 7 1/2 inches tall

Child– Fits 21-inch head and is 8 inches tall

Adult Small– Fits 22-inch head and is 8 1/2 inches tall

Adult Large– Fits 23-inch head and is 9 inches tall





1 skein of Loops and Threads Cozy Wool( 90 yards) for sizes Toddler, Child, and Adult Small.

Adult Small took me the entire skein with no yarn left over. So buy 2 skeins if you want to be on the safer side.

150 yards for size Adult Large.




Stitch Abbreviations

The pattern is written in US terms.

ch- chain

sl st- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

st- stitch


BL- back loops only ( see explanation below).




Stitch Explanations

Working in Back Loops only(BL): You work your stitch inserting your hook not under both the loops of your stitch but only the back loops (See pic below).



Shows hook inserted under both loops and only under back loop



Sc2tog: Insert your hook into the next st and pull up a loop, insert your hook into the next st and pull up another loop, yarn over and pull through all the 3 loops on your hook.




With 8mm hook, 8 sc sts=4 inches



How to Crochet a Beanie

Note: Stitch counts for bigger sizes are written in the order Toddler(Child, Adult Small, Adult Large).



Hat Ribbing

Leave an 8-inch tail, and with K(6.5mm) hook, chain 6(6, 7, 7).



Row 1: Sl st in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across to end, turn.—5(5, 6, 6)sls sts



Row 2: Ch 1, 1 sl in the BL of the same st as ch 1, 1 sl st in BL of the remaining 4(4, 5, 5)sts, turn.——5(5, 6, 6)sl sts



Repeat Row 2 until the ribbing is 15(16-1/2, 18, 18-1/2) inches without stretching. The ribbing is elastic and will stretch to fit.




1. Join the two sides of the ribbing 



Bring the two shorter ends together and sl st through both the layers, insert hook through the back loop of the last row of sl sts and the free loops of the foundation chain side. When inserting hook into the foundation chain side, insert a little deeper, closer to the first ridge, and not at the very edge (see pic above). DO NOT fasten off.



Hat Crown Pattern

Note: For Round 1, work into the valleys between the ridges and not the ridges themselves as it will be hard to stick your hook into them as shown in pic 2 below.




2. Work your sc sts in the valley between the ridges



Round 1: Switch to the 8mm hook.  Ch 1  at the seam and work 32(34, 36, 38)sc sts evenly distributed around the ribbing. You can add a few sc2tog to adjust the stitch count if your ribbing seems bigger for your number of stitches. Sl st to the 1st sc, do not turn.  ——–32(34, 36, 38)sc



Note: You would have reached the end of a round when you reach back near the marked ch-2 loop.



Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as 1 sc + ch 2), place a marker in this ch-2 loop to indicate the first repeat, 1 sc in the same st as ch 3, sk the next st, *(sc, ch 2, sc)in next st, sk the next st, repeat from * to end of the round. Do not sl st and do not turn.—–16(17, 18, 19) ch-2 loops



Note: You can easily find out where to work your repeats by looking at the peaks as shown in pic 3 below.




3. Work repeats into the ch-2 spaces under the peaks.



Round 3: Directly work a (sc, ch 2, sc) in the next marked ch-2 space, move the marker up into the ch-2 space you just made, *(sc, ch 2, sc)in each ch-2 space across to end of the round. Do not sl st and do not turn.


Keep repeating Round 3 in a spiral until your hat is 6(6-1/2, 7, 7-1/2) inches tall including the ribbing, and work the decrease rounds below.



Shaping the Crown of your Hat

Decrease Round 1: 1 sc in the marked ch-2 space, move the marker up into this sc, 1 sc in each ch-2 space across to end.—–16(17, 18, 19) sc


Decrease Round 2: 1 sc in marked st, move the marker up, 1 sc in each st across to end.



Decrease Round 3: Sc2tog across marked st and next st, *(1 sc in next, sc2tog in next), repeat from * to end and fasten off with a 12-inch tail for sewing. You will have a small opening at the top now.



Finishing Your Crochet Beanie

1. Turn the hat inside out. Thread the tail at the top through a yarn needle, go in and out along the edge of the top hole, pull and cinch the top shut. Securely weave in the remaining tail left.


2. Before weaving in the beginning tail at the ribbing, use it to conceal any ragged edge at the seam and then weave the rest in.


3. Attach the fur pom pom to the top of your hat.



You might also like my Crochet Ribbed Beanie Pattern,  Autumn Harvest Beanie Crochet Pattern , and my Beginner Beanie Crochet Pattern.


How to Crochet a Beanie in 1.5 Hours Story


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Sunday 23rd of October 2022

I do not see the video.

Thank you


Tuesday 25th of October 2022

I am sorry, it got deleted. Here it is:

Wendy Pike

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

Just started crochet again and made this Beanie hat today. Instruction were great and I will definitely make this again. Thanks forcthe great pattern.


Sunday 19th of September 2021

Hey! Thank you for putting this out there! I did it! I made a freakin’ hat for my baby and it’s super cute! I’m so proud 😍 and I watched a whole bunch of different how tos and videos and yours was 100% the easiest and the best to follow! Thank you so much!!


Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Love this pattern! Very clear instructions, very easy pattern, perfect for a beginner!

Carla flemer

Saturday 2nd of January 2021

After rounds 2 and 3 it says turn, but then it says to work in a spiral which implies not turning. Loving the pattern and I think it would be fine either way. I was just curious.


Friday 15th of January 2021

It says Do not turn at the end of Rounds 1 and 2. I think you might have been looking at the Ribbing part.