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11 Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

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Crochet Dishcloth Free Patterns – Quick and Easy

Crochet dishcloth patterns are a God send for making the perfect gifts. They are not just practical but also work up very quickly and take very little yarn.

Often when someone learns to crochet, crochet dishcloths are their first projects. Here are my top 11 free dishcloth crochet patterns. I am sure you will find one you love, enjoy!


#1. Cottage Crochet Dishcloth

Rolled crochet dishcloth in peach, light peach and beige colors



Try this quick and easy crochet dishcloth pattern that can be used for numerous uses in the kitchen or as a washcloth. This easy-to-follow pattern uses a simple stitch, making it ideal for beginners.


These beautiful dishcloths are made by repeating just one row and a single crochet border. This dishcloth uses  Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn available in a wide range of colors. 


Find the Cottage Crochet Dishcloth Pattern here.


You can watch the video below: 




#2. Beginner Crochet Dishcloth Pattern 

Beginner crochet dishcloth in blue, yellow and white colors


This crochet dishcloth is a simple beginner-level pattern. This crochet pattern features a simple stitch that provides a stunning texture and is my favorite. Simple wins anytime.


You can create these easy dishcloths to compliment your kitchen decor or for gifts. Enjoy creating this dishcloth that is both visually appealing and functional.


You can find the Beginner Crochet Dishcloth here.


You can watch a video below:




#3. Stepping Stones Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Crochet dishcloth in pink, green and cream folded into to triangles


This gorgeous textured crochet dishcloth is made using Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn and mini bean stitch. The border looks like a reverse single crochet or crab stitch but is a much simpler stitch with the same effect.


By creating dishcloths that match your kitchen decor, you not only have visually appealing items but also practical tools for everyday use. Enjoy making these crochet textured dishcloths!


Find the Stepping Stones Crochet Dishcloth here.



#4. Farmhouse Dishcloths

Crochet Dishcloth pattern finished


Crafting these crochet farmhouse dishcloths, complete with a handy hanging loop, offers a delightful option for both gifting and personal kitchen use. The stitch pattern used creates a textured surface that effectively tackles dishwashing tasks.


Moreover, these dishcloths can be swiftly completed, making them a convenient project. Whether you choose to share them as thoughtful gifts or adorn your own kitchen, these crochet farmhouse dishcloths are sure to impress.


You can find the Farmhouse dishcloth crochet pattern here. 



#5. Crochet Vintage Dishcloth


Closeup of finished vintage dishcloth crochet pattern


Take a trip back in time with this beautiful Vintage Crochet Dishcloth pattern. The border gives the dishcloth a retro look you will adore.


This dishcloth, crocheted with a unique spike single crochet stitch pattern and embellished with an exquisite border, serves this dishcloth not only serves its practical purpose but also adds a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen decor. This free pattern is perfect for crochet lovers of all skill levels!


Find Crochet Vintage Dishcloth Tutorial Here. 


Purchase an E-book with all these 11 crochet dishcloth patterns for just $11.99 by clicking the book image below:

Crochet Dishcloth Ebook Mockup



#6. Star Shaped Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern

Star shaped crochet dishcloth in blue and cream colors


Learn how to crochet a dishcloth that can serve multiple purposes, be it as a delightful addition to a spa kit or for practical dishwashing. The pattern includes both DK weight and worsted weight options. 


The use of front post stitches adds just the right amount of texture and grip to the washcloth, ensuring effective cleaning. Enjoy using your star-shaped dishcloth for your spa rituals or to keep your dishes sparkling clean.


Find the Star Crochet Dishcloth Free Pattern here.



#7. Herringbone Dishcloth

herringbone crochet dishcloth in Rust and cream colors


This is a simple yet elegant dishcloth pattern designed using the Herringbone half double crochet stitch. It is a variation of the regular half double crochet stitch that gives a tightly woven fabric. You can learn how to work this stitch in the video below:




For this dishcloth, I used 100% worsted weight cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby, but any kind will do. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream and Dishie yarn are excellent substitutes that are available in a broad spectrum of hues. Additionally, I believe it will look stunning in variegated yarns. This pattern is a must try!


Find the Herringbone Crochet Dishcloth Pattern here.



#8. Round Crochet Dishcloth

Crochet round dishcloth pattern finished in yellow, peach, blue and cream colors.



With this fun round crochet dishcloth pattern, get ready to spin away into a world of vivid colors and quick stitches. This dishcloth’s circular shape gives your kitchen a whimsical touch while also adding a brilliant flash of color to your countertop


This dishcloth is a great pattern for using your cotton yarn scraps. A little goes a long way and you will have a vibrant dishcloth in no time. 


Find the Round Crochet Dishcloth here. 



#9. Textured Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Textured crochet dishcloths in purple and green colors with a thin cream border


These textured dishcloths with borders were made using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton DeLux in colors Olive and Purple. You can use any 100% cotton worsted weight yarn of your choice. 


V-stitches alternating with double crochet rows give this dishcloth a subtle texture, and the simple single crochet border in a contrasting color adds the final finishing touch. I am sure you will enjoy making a few of these. 


Find the textured dishcloth crochet pattern here. 



#10. Block Stitch Crochet Dishcloth

Crochet Block Stitch Dishcloth with a matching towel


This crochet pattern is designed using the Block stitch but without the hassle of fastening off every row. If you haven’t seen my Facebook video on how to change colors every row without fastening off, you will learn something new today.


Additionally, there is a matching towel pattern on my blog, allowing you to create a set for yourself or to gift your loved ones. Put that cotton yarn in your stash to good use and add a touch of charm to your kitchen.


You can find the Block Stitch Crochet Dishcloth here.



#11. Easy Country Dishcloth Pattern

Finished dish rags in 3 colors rolled and displayed


The Country Dishcloth is an ideal first project for those learning to crochet.  I’m certain you’ll relish creating a few of these effortless dish rags.


These reusable dishcloths are a great eco-friendly alternative to store-bought kitchen scrubbers. They are easy to wash and will last a long time.


Find the Country Dishcloth Pattern here.



Now let’s answer some questions you might have on dishcloths. 

Can you use 100% acrylic yarn for dishcloths?

Acrylic yarns are a bad choice for dishcloths as they do not absorb water. 100% cotton yarn is the best choice for crocheting dishcloths because it is absorbent, has enough roughness to clean, and holds up well even after multiple washes. 

 Cotton tends to be more effective at soaking up water and spills, making it better suited for kitchen use.



What brand of cotton yarn is best for dishcloths?

Though Lily Sugar ‘n Cream is my favorite yarn for dishcloths here are 5 more yarns I prefer. 

1. Bernat Handicrafter Cotton

2. Peaches & Creme yarn

3. Knit Picks Dishie

4. Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn

5. Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton



What is the best crochet stitch for a dishcloth?

The best crochet stitch for a dishcloth depends on personal preference and the desired texture of the cloth. Typically, a more textured stitch works best for cleaning.


I prefer not to limit myself to one type of stitch; I enjoy incorporating a variety of stitches into my dishcloth crochet projects. 

When crocheting dishcloths, I delight in combining stitches to create interesting textures and practicing new crochet techniques



What size crochet hook is best for dishcloths?

Choose a crochet hook based on what’s recommended on the label of the yarn you use. For worsted weight, which is commonly used for making dishcloths or washcloths, a size H/8 or 5mm hook is good. 

How many inches should a crochet dishcloth be?

A crochet dishcloth is between 8 to 9 inches, but I like mine 8 inches or smaller. You can easily adjust the size of the my dischloth patterns by adding more chains to your foundation chain. 

How many yards of yarn do I need to crochet a washcloth?

The amount of yarn required to crochet a washcloth varies according to the washcloth’s size, yarn weight, stitch design, and crochet tension. However, a medium-sized washcloth made using worsted weight yarn often takes 80 to 100 yards of yarn.

How do you clean crochet dishcloths?

With washing machines, it is easy to just throw them in a load and they are good as new. Just remember to use the gentle cycle and air dry them after washing. 

I also like to sanitize them by soaking them in a mixture of water and white vinegar for a few hours before washing. Remember not to use hot water or it will ruin the yarn fibers. 



Final Thoughts on My Dishcloth Crochet Patterns

Using crochet dishcloths reduces the need for disposable synthetic sponges, which can contribute to landfill waste. They can be washed and reused many times, making them an eco-friendly alternative.


Crochet dishcloths are not limited to just cleaning dishes. They can also be used for other household tasks such as wiping countertops, scrubbing pots, and pans, or even as pot holders in a pinch. Enjoy!


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11 Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

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